The Full Story


Illustrafemmes is an online gallery and art store, dedicated to international female illustrators and graphic artists. We present a selection of artworks in Limited edition, Screen printing, Risographie, original artwork, ….


Our objectives :

  • Create a platform for WOMEN! All of the artists who work with us are women and the subject of their works is about women!

  • Present the cultural designs of different countries through the eyes of women artists. we believe every country has a unique culture of design that is affected by various parameters like tradition, multiculturalism, cultural diversity, values, language, gender, belief,... In Illustrafemmes you can find artists from different part of the world that each of them represents a unique concept and diverse culture of design.

Who is the founder of Illustrafemmes?

Setareh Feylizadeh is a multicultural graphic designer and artist who has lived and worked in different countries. She has a doctorate in Fine art and has collaborated with organizations such as the United Nations and the Musemweek, as a graphic design consultant.

She believes every woman can be a heroine! This is the reason why she founded Illustrafemmes, a platform exclusively dedicated to female artists.

Photo by: Sarah Gharbi