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Solo exhibition by Evelyne Drouère
“Tea water”
From March 2 to 24, 2024

“L’eau du thé” invites you to share an intimate and delicate ceremony. A ceremony where water and perfumes mingle, where female bodies linger to become intoxicated with sweetness and smile at the world. All delicious curves, liberated and sunny, the woman orchestrates these movements in a sensual choreography which re-enchants the space. Time stretches, the points of reference are reversed, between sky and earth, as if at the sources of oneself. Evelyne Drouère is an illustrator who lives and works near Toulouse where she teaches drawing, painting and mixed media in a higher design school and in its workshops. An art therapist, she also supports people through the creative process. She likes to drink tea and make bouquets of pencils on the corner of her desk. On foot, by bike, on the trails, in the forest or with her feet in the water, she finds inspiration. In her creations, she experiments with techniques and materials. For the "L'eau du thé" series, she chose to mix engraving on tetra pak to explore the female body, colored pencils and collages of materials in monotypes to play with sensations. The works presented in this exhibition are original and unique art prints.

Solo exhibition by Virginie Cognet
“A Quiet Day”
From January 27 to February 28, 2024

From January 27 to February 28, 2024, the Illustrafemmes gallery presents the exhibition “Un Jour Calme” by Virginie Cognet, French illustrator. In this exhibition, you will be able to discover a calm day through the eyes of Virginie Cognet. Virginie is an artist with a lot of feeling for her environment and her daily life. With these illustrations, she invites us into a moment of appeasement, solitude and calm. In this collection there are some main elements and characters that represent a part of women's lives. “Cats, birds and flowers accompany women in search of appeasement and serenity. The looks are frank and calm.” In the 6 illustrations with the cat theme, Virginie plays with light. “The work of light on the series of cats brings a warm touch to the painting. We think of the gentle sensation of the sunbeam passing through the window to warm the skin.” This exhibition is an invitation to immerse yourself in the colorful, bright and energetic world of Virginia. A world with a lot of sweetness and tranquility.

Solo exhibition by Sonia Alins
"We are the sea"
From November 25, 2023 to January 24, 2024

With an artistic personality halfway between surrealism and romanticism, Sonia Alins develops a story where she addresses her personal reflections, generally linked to emotions and dreams. Thus, her art shows recurring references to femininity, feminism, motherhood, family or the passage of time. The protagonists of Sonia's work are almost exclusively women. They connect us to the feminine iconography of the Romantic era, such as the odalisques of Ingres or the Ophelia of John Everett Millais, the Art Deco movement (Tamara de Lempicka) or the symbolism of Gustav Klimt. Intensely inspired by the art of Yves Klein and the poetic three-dimensional works of Joseph Cornell. Sonia Alins experiments with the incorporation of textures with elements such as fabric, feathers, wool, printed paper or plastic to create pieces with ethereal atmospheres and a delicate representation of the three-dimensional.

Solo exhibition by Lisa Masse
From October 21 to November 22, 2023

Pauses, poses and emotions deposited. Lull is an invitation to breathe. Between two news storms, after a missed bus, a flat tire or a burnt toast this morning, take the time to immerse yourself in dreamy landscapes and calm and poetic moments of life. A temporary moment away from the daily hustle and bustle. ​ Lisa Masse is an illustrator from Angers from Le Havre, the city where she grew up and developed her passion for the creative arts. She continued her studies in Paris and became an interior designer in 2018. In spring 2020, during confinement, she made drawing her daily life using exclusively a box of colored pencils. Since then she has developed her technique using a graphics tablet. She started freelancing and flourished by creating flowery, joyful and naive illustrations. She captures interludes of life, brief and light moments as ephemeral as the flowers she draws. She likes to travel by bike, drink tea, and mimosa.

Solo exhibition by Cèlina Guiné
“Swimming Cloud”
From September 16 to October 14, 2023

Célina Guiné is a French illustrator and painter. Within his work, colors and movements form the story of an existential tremor, the characters like the landscapes oscillating between marvelousness, strangeness and predicted collapse. Melancholy and gentleness coexist within vibrant colors, room is made for worry, but also for contemplation and deep tenderness. She lives and works in Bagnères-de-Bigorre in the Hautes Pyrénées. ​ In this exhibition, you can see 16 illustrations in Gouache, Watercolor and Ink on paper which are presented in original version and art print (Limited series). In this collection each work is accompanied by a short poem written by the artist.

Solo exhibition by Léontine Soulier
"I dreamed of a wild garden" From July 8 to August 5, 2023

The artist’s words about his exhibition:

“Bodies here and there. Hidden in the foliage, they sometimes seem to become one with it. Men or women, hybrids, magical beings in this abundant nature. We are in winter, spring, but also summer and autumn. Everything seems calm and gentle in these places. In the illustrations that you will discover here, twelve of them are part of the one year series. An illustration to represent a month. Each time a different colorful atmosphere. In these images you will immerse yourself in what these moments evoke for me, the heat, the freshness, sometimes the ice. A cycle where nature is always present in different ways. The animals are not asleep, they are there, blended into nature, mixed with humans. I wanted to show the gentleness and calm that comes from the awakening of nature and its continuous cycle. All are worked with colored pencils, the paper is loaded with them, the coloring was a long and almost meditative work. " ​

Solo exhibition by the artist Carmen Garcia
"Secret garden"
From June 10 to July 7, 2023

An invitation to travel to a secret garden Through the garden we show part of nature in order to enjoy it. Contrary to the reality in which we find ourselves, the garden appears to us as an ideal place to enjoy calm, beauty, harmony and happiness. ​ For Carmen, entering a garden symbolizes a path towards oneself, towards serenity, a desire to immerse oneself in calm and silence. She finds parallels between enjoying the garden and the act of painting, because in both it there is a withdrawal, a desire to stop and find oneself, a search for serenity. In her work, she seeks silence and calm through harmony and color; drawing flowers, plants and gardens comforts and relaxes her. ​ The artist wishes to share, his secret garden, a part of his universe, the sensations and images that arise in his mind and which he tries to translate and capture on paper.

The solo exhibition of the artist Tania Yakunova “Fragments”
From May 6 to June 3, 2023

Tania is a well-known Ukrainian illustrator with more than 25 international awards over the last 4 years. She works with large companies like Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Visa Gold, Yves Rocher, Amazon,...She has exhibited in different parts of the world and Toulouse will be the first city in France to host her solo exhibition. ​ Tania is mainly interested in expressive, minimalist art and funny characters. She finds inspiration in 20th century avant-garde art and design and brings her perspective to modern illustration. His works are distinguished by bold composition, rhythm and excellent use of shapes and colors. Tania’s solo exhibition “Fragments” is a dive into a kaleidoscope of feelings – from joy and love to fear, sorrow and ultimately hope for the future. Carefully collected pieces of the past that are put on paper. ​ In the illustrations presented in this exhibition “The woman” is one of the important characters (elements). Tania transfers these feelings through female figures. She shares her feelings with us around subjects that can affect many women, such as freedom, courage and solidarity between women.

The collective exhibition “She and the Pink City”
From March 4 to April 22, 2023 24 Toulouse,
regional and international artists In partnership with :

Le-Geant-des-Beaux-Arts HD 300dpi.jpg

The solo exhibition of the artist Claire Duplouy
"A new world"
From January 28 to February 25, 2023

Between the desire to create a parallel universe and that of building refuges for memory, Claire Duplouy's watercolors bear witness to a passage, a trace, using the material of paper and its reliefs. His painting draws its inspiration from natural compositions, with the desire to interweave its insides with the elements of the earth. The spontaneous movement of the brush marks a sensation, an emotion. The fine touches of color are like highlighting a spirit, the soul of an imagined place. Places that keep us in suspense with the immensity of the world. These new landscapes are invitations to penetrate these places in the smallest details, to come and get lost in the multitude of points, lines, colors. A new world is all of Claire's new refuges, these are places kept secret somewhere. It is the creation of a cocoon for rebirth. Reappropriation of places. From a place that we thought was forever lost.

En partenariat avec

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Collaboration with the cultural space of Toulouse 1 Capitole University to present and give visibility to women artists. The illustrafemmes gallery presents 3 artists in the Si gallery.

Rahele Mahouti (Iran) from December 2 to 16, 2022

Lisa Masse (France) from January 1 to 26, 2023

Lou Gille (France) from March 1 to 30, 2023

Photos: Victor Charrier

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