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A blog dedicated to women artists (illustrators) from 1870 to the present day.

Art history books often document male artists, but it is important to recognize that alongside them, female artists have also created remarkable works of art in this medium, despite it being largely dominated by men. Unfortunately, female artists in the field of illustration art did not receive much visibility, particularly those who worked between 1880-1930, which is considered the golden age of illustration. These women had a significant impact on the art of illustration, but they often had to work under pseudonyms or anonymously in order to be taken seriously.

It's crucial to recognize the relationships between different eras and take inspiration from the past. This helps us understand where we stand in the timeline of illustration history. That's why I made the decision to showcase the work of women artists from different periods on our website, alongside contemporary artists. My goal is to demonstrate the evolution and growth of women's illustration throughout history.

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